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January 26, 2005



You are Fluffy Mackerel Pudding!! You somehowmanage to combine seafood and dessert into yourwonderfully fluffy world. We should all be astolerant of New Taste Sensations. And ofbig-yolked eggs.
What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you? brought to you by Quizilla

I seriously doubt there is such a thing as this recipe; if there is, I really do not want to know about it. I would have settled for being a nice light quiche!


Go to the link I gave here at the bottom, with all the recipe cards. They're hysterical. Yes, people used to make stuff like this!


Some of the recipes look as though they might be OK (the Caucasian Shashlik looked perfectly acceptable, really) despite the sarcastic text, but some of them looked CCOMPLETELY HIDEOUS EVEN FOR 1974! And believe me, remembering what I do of 1974 ("The NIght Chicago Died", "Billy Don't Be a Hero", "Disco Duck", "Hooked on A Feeling" [the Blue Swede version]) that truly says something dreadful about the year in question!!
Also, I bet the Frankfurter Spectacular is probably kind of tasty if made with good quality hot dogs...


I still think we need to create that "Which Midterm Exam Concept From Pam's Policy Class Are You" quiz.


Another Mackerel Pudding here. Thanks for brightening up my nightly surfing!

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