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January 28, 2005



There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing the tourist thing and a kid is the perfect excuse to do it.

Oh and the cable car story? soooo cute! :)


I think it sounds like a splendid day -- for any age birthday girl!

LOVE the cable-car comment!!!


Ha! That's so funny. Now blow her mind with the fact that they invented cable TV within your lifetime.

It sounds like a really fun day.


That is so funny! I think that sounds like a great 8th birthday outing. My 8th birthday was spent at the La Brea Tar Pits. Good times.


I'm well, well past 8 and it sounds like a fabulous day to me. And the cable car story is lovely :-0))


too funny!


We had a German exchange student, a high school kid, stay with us last spring, and we took him on an outing like this. North Beach, walking up Lombard Street, cable car down Russian Hill to Ghirardelli, the Wharf. It was a blast.


Don't forget to throw in a trip to Golden Gate Park, Steinhardt Aquarium, the Planetarium (this is actually beginning to sound like a two-day expedition) and you'd have the PERFECT eight-year old B-day trip. Come to think of it, I'd love to go to--I haven't been to ANY of theose places in a microchip's age. Can I come along as a semi-adult chaperone?

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