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October 09, 2004



"I chewed off my own right front paw! Arf! Arf!"


That is about the sweetest, happiest, most adoring face I could even imagine.

How could you even leave the house with such love there for you?


You're just doing this because I made you watch "Meet the Feebles" (but it's not as though I didn't EXTENSIVELY warn you about how perverse it was!).
Please stop or I will not be responsible for my blogging! Human beings are not designed to take this much adorableness without serious gastric consequences (not to mention blood sugar levels so elevated that the FAA has to post a warning to all local airports!)!
10,000 years ago it was eating our mutual ancestors. It could still turn on you in a heartbeat if the Kibbles and Bits stop flowing. Remember that!!


It's now October 14 and I'm still nauseuos. Just thought you'd want to know.



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