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October 06, 2004



Yay! Hooray!

I say, let's give her the gift of a billion comments on this day of all days.

We heart pam! Count OUR beans, Pam!


for she's a jolly good fellow
for she's a jolly good fellow,
for she's a jolly good fellow
which nobody can deny!

congrats Pam!!


Happy blogday, Pam! I'm delighted that you joined us here in the blogosphere, for it would be a dull place without you.


One year. So much genius, so little time to respond. So many puppy pics, so little time to run to the bathroom and ralph (pronounced "rafe" by nauseous Brits)!
So sweety how about this year we try to, you know, make this blog a little, well, more fashionable darling. More photos of gorgeous models wearing the latest LaCroix and drinking from bottles of Bolly and maybe a lovely photo spread of Sting and Trudi and maybe Madonna and Guy (but please sweety, none of that dreary Kaballah stuff--too, shall we say say, Jewish for our regular readers). LOTS more ads from Harrods and Harvey Nicks and that fabulous new Cuban/Rwandan restaurant I just had lunch at. And Lulu of course, darling, LOTS of coverage about Lulu's newest charity, Save The Slums ("History Isn't Always Pretty" is a fabulous slogan I thought). And yes, I suppose, we could reserve a spot once in a while for Saffie to write about what she laughingly calls "real world problems". Dreary, yes I know sweetie, but very multicultural and Yanks like that kind of thing...
See you at Year Two, darling?


Cheers! Where would I find all the amusing daily diversions if I didn't visit your site every day?


wow! I can't believe I was the first! That's so cool!

Congrats and keep up the great blogging!


Happy Blogversary!


Happy Blogday, and many happy returns!


I wasn't the first, I came along only recently, but doncha just luv the blog therapy and links and friends and...

Happy Blogiversary!


Long may you reign! Cheers!



Is there any cake left?


Scorpy, it's all good. Pops, let me fill your plate there. And thanks, everybody!


Hey, Bean, you rock!


I'm late to the party as usual but still want to say a big congratulations and hope that there are many more anniversaries to come :-0))


Doh! I'm late again! Happy blogday and here's to many more!

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