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September 20, 2004



I think that America's Dysfucntional Celebrities deserve more credit than they get. Without Courtney, Jacko, Whitney/Bobby, Tom Sizemore, Nick Nolte, Britney, McCauley, Jacko (he's at least dysfunctional celebs in his own right) and others, what would we do for entertainment? We might have to resort to actually communicating with people about real subjects and treating other humans as real people and not just media-saturated Walking Disasters! I don't think America is ready for such "grown-up" relationships, do you? So while we have 'em (ie, before they OD, get sent to rehab, jail or Divorce Court) I say we should take a moment to say "Thank You Dysfunctional Stars for allowing me to spend every day basking in your reflected malaise and decadence!"


What? Did something happen to McCauley?

*Name Hidden*

He was arrested for something a few days ago. Drunk driving, was it? I don't remember. I just remember seeing his picture on a news site.


Macaulay Culkin was arrested on drug charges during a traffic stop in Oklahoma. Per Anthony, thank you, Macaulay!


Ah, taking that long, slow child actor descent... for our entertainment!

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