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August 09, 2004



Good god,wymmym, it's just grad school. Sacramento grad school at that. All you'll have to deal with are comptetive fellow students, a little more homework and, god forbid, a reseach class. After years in the state government, higher education should be as easy as picking a new restaurant for lunch.
I went to Ivy League grad school and one year of ACC Grad School, I can guarantee you that you'll be fine. Now stop giving BB a hard time and clean up your dog and make dinner and CALM DOWN!! Good gravy, you survived Gaey Unruh, Ed Harris, Sylvia Ghiglieri and Debbie K---can Sacto grad school be any more absurd!!


Sweetie, I don't know whether to laugh, or seek you out and deliver a Three Stooges slap upside your head.


Ivy League? Is that a new Major League Baseball expansion league? I heard they were starting one of those up, but I never figured they'd have to go to school to play baseball. Sheesh. They ask a lot of a guy just to swing a bat, don't they?

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