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August 09, 2004



Huh, kinda like the 12 Days of Christmas. But I wouldn't want to try matching "5 things I touch every day" to that tune...

::nab idea for my own site::

the kiosk

Er, I have no idea why MT insists on sending you a new trackback ping every time I fix typos in my post. Sorry.


Same thing happens on TypePad. Not to worry. I appreciate you using TrackBack at all. It seems to be a dying art.


I am firmly of the opinion that the word "meme" should be banished from all attempts at communication because (like the words "paradigm shift" "proactive" and "empowerment") no one really knows what the hell it means, there are plenty of other words that work just as well and--maybe most importantly--it's such a STUPID sounding word. If you sadistically jammed the words "mime" and "mean" togethere you might get "meme" and it would MEAN just about as much.


I had to ask people to define 'meme' when I started blogging. ('blogging', from the word 'blog', another nonsense word) As long as my fellows agree what its definition is, you and I will not boggle about its use in this application. That's an order.


"Blogging" may sound like a slightly clumsy sexual act committed by aging Libertarians in the privacy of their Minimal Government-postered bedrooms, but AT LEAST it's got a reasonable entymology (that's the study of where insect words come from): "web-logging..."
I have no problems with "blogging," but I continue to maintain that since people I've asked who look meme-worthy can't even tell me A) where the word comes from; or 2) how it's pronounced (I've gotten "me-me" "meem" and "may-may" as options) I cannot in good conscience let the issue entirely drop. I guess our lawyers will have to help us work it out over a few white wines and a statistics tectbook!
If I published a sub-blog dedicated to the funny things mom said I'd be forced to publish a sub-sub blog about the utterly bizarre things she ocassionally did that would make my father's eyes roll in public (and then I'd have to publish an S*3 blog about my father and since he wasn't overtly verbal that would be much more difficult and I don't need the extra work). I won't mention the more off-the-planet Great Moments With Mom On Mars but in passing I'll just call attention to her argument with the tour guide at San Simeon, where she insisted (and probably correctly) that yes indeed Marion Davies was very much William Randolph Hearst's mistress (which the Hearst family has offcially denied through the years). But then, if it weren't true, why were the Hearsts so enraged by "Citizen Kane"? Good point, mom!

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