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June 21, 2004



I'm IN!


Picture it: a bloggers' visionquest in the tunnels of Olde Oaklande. Jo, Pam, Bob, and Molly. So far!


All those years of going through that tunnel and I never realized it was either an Art deco treasure or that they gave tours. But since they've apparently stopped giving tours, Pam, we'll have to settle for going to New Mexico and taking a tour of Carlsbad Caverns, which combines claustrophobia, fear of darkness and fear of bat guano into one scenically impressive and anxiety-inducing experience. And if you ask the ranger nicely, s/he will tell you the difference between stalagmites and stalactites and you might even remember that very elusive fact long enough to win on Jeopardy.


No, no - the Caldicott tours have begun again. Since 9/11, they've added new Terro-Detect-O cameras (tm) throughout. So I shall count you as "IN".

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