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June 22, 2004



A good friend of mine whose father (alas now deceased) was a bigwig in Cincinatti's corproate world (which is basically Proctor and Gamble and Krogers and a few other firms) told me that at the height of the PG Satanic Panic it was costing the company something along the lines of $15000 a week or so just to set up and man the switchboard necessary to assure callers that the rumor had no validity. He also told me that there were rumors (how's that for multiple irony?) from within the PG Co that it was--can you believe it?--Amway who had started the and stoked the Satan rumor in some kind of bizarro corporate feud with PG about posession of the cleanining products market.
Seriously, wouldn't a company softball team or just sleeping with the president's daughter (or son) be a tidier and less obvious form of corporate rivalry?

Samurai Fever

Is that a ninja doing business with them?

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