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June 21, 2004



Why those numbers?


Yeah. The numbers thing confused me to.

Great list though!


Here's why ;-0))


Presumably, the numbers are there so you can add to the list. Then when your friends ask you at a party how many stupid truths you know, you can easily impress the august assemblage with a number. "I know a staggering 127 stupid truths, Kimberly my dear!"

Penny B.

The numbers spell SHELLOIL when read upside down on the original calculators. I have forgotten all about that!


Oh, THOSE numbers! Geez, you guys.


* points and laughs at Pam *

* blows kisses *

Leona Brendell

Since English is not my first language, can someone out there define a stupid truth for me? Also, what is the perceived intellectual level of someone who dispenses many of these so-called stupid truths?


22 is not true it is possible to look cool when picking up a frisbee especially if it is florescent and is the ring kind!

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