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June 19, 2004



Hey, congratulations. Wonderful!


I live in Modesto today! .. If it's in California that is :)

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary Pam & Honey!! I am not sure if any of us married types would have taken the plunge had we known what was ahead - but what we would have missed! ps. love the poem!


Happy Anniversary (late)! I have to agree with Ann. Glad you guys are still sticking with it. :)


Congratulations! That story was just lovely! * sniff *

Bob O'Shaughnessy

Lucky you! I barely got to eat anything at my wedding reception.

Congratulations you two!


Well, it's not as if I didn't give you fair warning before you went and did what you did. "You'll just end up living in suburbia with a child and a dog and a stereo and lawn-mowing Republican neighbors. You'll be feverishly looking around for intellectual stilmuation and all you'll have are lawn flamingos, futiley humping chihuahuas and NO ONE (ie, me) in the vicinity to talk about the important things in life (ie, new CD releases, new movies, 18th Century castratis, DeSade, obscure Kiwi directors, extremely trendy restaurants, Patsy and Edina, hypothetical film projects carried out by alter egos who don't exist and brilliant parodies of things either so peculiar or so universal they fail to attract the attention they warrant)." But did you listen?
But 16 years you say? Where the hell was I at that point? At Yale as I recall... Well, congratulations for 16 years of bledded wiss....

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