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June 29, 2004



Aaaargh! I've had him come to my door too! And a bunch of horrible frat boys have hit the neighborhood selling magazines. I've taken to lecturing them about finding "real jobs" and how confronting people and not taking no for an answer is rude. They aren't very happy about my words of wisdom. Little shits.


And you didn't let Daisy have a piece of his ass??? I'd have been on the horn to the company complaining loudly about the rude SOB and threatening to press charges against the idiot and the company for tresspassing and harassment.


Good thought. Next time, I'll take their info, on the off-chance I let them talk to me for more than five seconds.

Do those "No Solicitors" signs at the door get taken seriously? I've never needed one before. Advice?


Sounds as though it's (he's) going around: http://www.peskyapostrophe.com/index.php/weblog/swing_away/

Hula Doula

WOE! That's harrassment. I have a Do not bother trying to sell me crap on my door. The little kids in the neighborhood know that doesn't apply to them. Dang I'm a softie for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and School Fund Raisers!!!


Thanks for the link, Karen. That's downright freaky. Lots of bloggers have seen this guy. I think their unprofessional attitudes are the tip-off that this is a scam.

Hula Doula, I can't pass up the kids and their fundraisers either!

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