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June 28, 2004



It's not everyday you get a homage to your nativity composed of: a fish food restaurant, a well-known Saint (by the way, what is St. A patron saint of?), an interstellar cyber-queen, a celebrity serial killer, a pseudo-asian monogram and, last but most obscure, a classic 30s movie with a killer Korngold score (bet ya didn't know that did ya?).
But did you know that June 28th, 2004 is also the 90th Anniversary of the beginning of WWI? It was 90 years ago (yes)terday!


St. Anthony? Are you kidding? The Catholic church is overflowing with St. Anthonys. There's a glut on the market. More then you can shake a stick at.

I suggest you find your way to http://www.catholic.org/saints/ and choose your own. That way you won't end up stuck being something minor, like the patron saint of jars with really, really tight lids, or something like that.


Wha ... there's more than one St. Anthony? That's rather lazy of the Church, I must say. The St. Anthony in this picture must be the patron saint of grey farm animals.


I think you have Francis there, since he's the patron saint of the Humane Society and its Denizens or something like that.


I suggest reading JesusReligion.Com at http://www.jesusreligion.com Your answers will be found there.

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