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June 24, 2004



I had my ears pierced in a dermatologist's office, with a piercing gun. This was quite a few years ago (back before HMOs when you didn't have to have a referral from your PCP just to have your F*#$%!ing Ears Pierced (FEP)). Not sure if that's still an option these days, but it seemed safe and sanitary and I've never had any problems.


Not sure if this helps but many moons ago when I first had my ears pierced (aged around 11 I think), I followed the instructions and bathed them every 4 hours with TCP. Cue infection, had to leave them to close up. A few years later I had them re-pierced and the piercer told me it would be best to bathe them in warm, salty water. Never had a minute's trouble after that.


I can't wear earrings in my lobes...I'm allergic to everything, even plastic. My ears turn bright red and start burning within five minutes. I don't know if that had anything to do with getting them pierced with a gun or what. I had my upper ear pierced about two years ago with a needle by a really cool guy named Spade or Squeegie or something who told me to wash it with warm salty water and non-moisturizing anti-bacterial soap and it hasn't given me any problems.


Kimberly, that's odd to me, that your lobes can't accept earrings, but the third piercing doesn't give you problems. This has become such a complicated issue!


It might have to do with the fact that upper ear is all cartiledge. Maybe there's nothing there that would get irritated by it.

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