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June 26, 2004



Now THAT's a shit-eating dog grin if I've ever seen one.


Nice picture of Gus. Now that's my idea of a dog.


The Bush Adminsitration is going about it all wrong: in order to get "suspected Iraqui terrorists" (ie, people suspected of being Irauis pissed off about foreign troops pointlessly laying waste to their country) to confess, they needn't resort to such barbaric crulety as being practiced Kappa Kappa Abu Gharib (remember folks: Rush Limbaugh says that it's no worse than what Ivy League fraternities practice [how the f&^% would he know--he's never been to an Ivy League Scool except to lecture to rich conservative white boys about how their natural place in the universe is above negroes, fags, dykes, mexicans and slant-eyes]) they should merely subject their prisoners to endless puppy pics. They'd be spilling the beans in minutes....

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