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June 17, 2004



I really liked some of these shirts, but it's disappointing that so many are negative. I don't see how the "Bush is a moron" message would truly sway an on-the-fence voter; it's just more preaching to the choir. Which is fine and fun, but not necessarily productive.

That being said, the "no carb" shirt is pretty funny, as are some of the retros. Thanks for the link!

I agree with Becky. Frothing all over people isn't going to influence them. My favorite one was the "Vote your hopes, not your fears" one because it's what I've been saying for ages. It will be interesting to see what the panel likes.


You know, that is a very good point. Negative T-shirts would be superficially satisfying to liberals, but shirts displaying a more positive message would have a more universal appeal.

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