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May 17, 2004



Yeah - but you would have cheated to if the last test you took told you you were the damn Might Morphin Power Ranger movied. I wanted to be something cute and frilly and non nerdy for a change.

But I should just be proud, right?


I'm off to take that quiz now. I've had the same problem! No commenting taking place! I think we're all just stunned.


Speak & Spell here, too! I should have guessed. As for the commenting, I think we are all having one of those weeks. Ugh.


Jeebus. Talk about fishing for a comment! *mwah*
Okay, I'll admit it: most of the quizilla things leave me stone cold b/c I never feel that any of the multiple choices are the 'right' answer for me. Hey--"I like the way you cross the street, 'cuz I'm ... precious!"


Quizzes are just funny. At least the Quizilla ones don't take themselves too seriously. And the shouting was uncalled-for, I know, considering. Sorry for the bout of peevishness.

Kingfisher Cove

Speak & Spell! Nerds unite!


I, too, am a member of the Speak and Spell club. I haven't seen much commenting on most sites I visit these days (including mine). For me, it's the inability to form coherent sentences 90% of the time these days.


I nominate Pam as President of the Speak and Spell Nerds club!


Can I be your mascot? I'm an etch-a-sketch.


I humbly accept the nomination. And my campaign promises, while suitably vague, will include universal access to Hello K1tty stores, and a public education system that looks just like episodes of "Saved by the Bel1".


I remember speak and tell and its electric voice. It was hypnotizing. Made me want to spell and write out sentences. :D


Does the Speak and Spell club have dues? I'm considering joining.

Busy Mom

Add another to the "Speak and Spell" club!


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