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May 18, 2004



Oh yeah...I'm feeling it.


For the first time, I'm having to *budget in* the car fill-ups. What a strange thing.


Lol That's too funny.


It sucks on the ice & snow, but I'm loving my Miata.

Kingfisher Cove

Tee hee!! Ain't it the truth?

erika's daddy

I'm not sure it'll help because the oil companies and OPEC are so powerful but we can join the DON"T BUT GAS ON MAY19th movement. Maybe it'll make the six o'clock news.


I'm not convinced that a few thousand people boycotting the pumps for one day will mean a damn thing to OPEC or the U.S. distributors. I'd rather see us use that determination to push for alternative-energy vehicles. But the higher prices go, the more attractive such vehicles will become. I wonder if the oil cartel knows that?


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