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May 24, 2004



Stop scaring me! I'll never be able to walk around in the grocery store in relative comfort again. ACK!


Baloons make me nervous too! And people laugh at me! We must be some parallel-universe 3rd cousins or somesuch!


Yeah, creepy. Ooh!

Eliz was sort of "sick" this morning, too. I went so far as to take her to the door of school, and then she wouldn't get out of the car. Oy vey.


Man, balloons make me so nervous, there's a whole 'nother blog entry in it.

Jo, we just decided to let our daughter have another sick day, whether she had a fever or not. It really took the pressure off of her to try to work one up this morning. :-)


Ninety-nine? A nurse called you about a so-called fever of ninety-nine? What is she--some kind of pussy?

In warm weather, a kid can get a fever like that from just climbing the stairs, for crissake--no joke.

I hate it when schools try to guilt-trip me. The rotten bastards.

Apparently those mylar balloons can cause a heap o'trouble (sedition and the like, I imagine) when they escape from their captors and congregate on the ceiling of Grand Central Station. I know it's true--I read all about it in the New Yorker (Ian Frazier piece).


Jill, I'd be willing to bet if this had happened during the all-important state STAR testing, that nurse would have been instructed to tell the kids to suck it up. Broken arm? You can still write with the other hand! Get back in there!

Hula Doula

Balloons give me the creeps in a serious way!
As for the little one...don't let the school nurse bully you into anything.

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