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May 28, 2004



As regular readers of this blog surely know, animal pics generally tend to make me ill. This one, however, makes me ill-at-ease. That is a very sinister cat. If I didn't know better (ie, cats by and large have the IQ of a retarded --excuse me...challenged...scampi--) I would say that this cat is sitting there planning something unpleasant. (Likely it's really sitting there thinking "can I sneak in my neighbor's pet door and eat her food"?) Pam, ask your mother to check her recent credit card statements, long-distance bills for unusual charges or calls and ask her lawyer (if she has one) to see if there have been any "changes" made to her will as of late. And, to be on the safe side, have her check her insurance policies to see if there are a few new feline-oriented codicils involving "accidental death and dismemberment." Seriously, that is a very cynical, wierdly threatening cat. Makes feral Rottweilers seem warm and fuzzy by comparison....
See, it DOES increase your potential blog pool!!


That's what I thought too - she's giving me a distinct warning look. Five seconds later, I'd have had a vicious cat stuck to my head with many tiny claws.


In the days before becoming a happy home owner, we had a cat that I named Nod-are. This was so I could look the landlord in the eye and say aloud, "It's Nod-are cat."


oh but look how puffy wuffy iggums is! Wuzzy fuzzy puggy!

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