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May 30, 2004



That letter really got to me. There was debate in the comments whether the letter was genuine or not, but I wonder with many of them whether that really matters. The author makes some excellent points.

West Wing is one of my favorite television series. I would vote for President Bartlett any day. If we can see that that is how the presidency should be, why don't people go for that? Why don't we insist on that?

Happy Memorial Day


Heh heh, Promisekeeper... heh heh

Wish you lived closer. Surely there is a coffeeshop around here that stays open late. We could go paint the town red -- no, not red, brown -- maybe blue?


That's right, my "red" days are happily behind me. I'd prefer to paint the town a nice burgundy or aubergine. Alicia, you come too.


You sound like you really need(ed) some cheering up! I'd like to come for coffee, too. Dessert sounds good.

I hate those cryin' days. That's when I lose myself in a good book.


Pull up a chair, Ellen! The barrista will be back in a moment - look, I swiped her pen. :-)

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