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May 28, 2004



I can't believe the knowledge ones haven't stepped up to the plate to help you with this one. I haven't actually done this, but you can go to the main typepad page of your weblog, then under Manage click on Import/Export, and then on the next page you'll see Export at the very bottom. This saves some sort of file anywhere you'd like (well, not like in Cleveland any place like that), which you could use to reinstall your blog, should something evil and foul happen to it.

I guess the idea would be to save to desktop or someplace, then burn onto a CD so that your precious words are saved for all eternity.

If you think you want to ask me about the different settings and types of files and what they all mean, then by all means, ask away. But you should be warned that I won't have a clue.


Thank you, Keith! What a relief that it's simpler than manually saving hundreds of pages.


I just found out that you can take that crazy file it creates and dump into into Word. It isn't formatted very well (one big long document without breaks), but all of the information and writing is there, including other people's comments, their email info, etc.

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