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April 28, 2004



Oh, you and your humility! Surely since the Nobel Peace Prize you've finally gotten over it! I mean, singlehandedly rescuing all those children -- Thailand will never be the same without you.


I still can't forget that night in Vegas when you filled in for Celine Dion. You killed them! And dancing on the bar later that night at the Hard Rock... I never knew you were such a wild woman. ;)


I remember when you decided to only wear yellow for a month. In protest for bright children in dark classrooms. They wanted to use you as their beacon. Too bad they were blind so they couldn't see you, but you made a great example. I was very proud of you. I guess it really didn't matter what color you wore. Hmm..


I'll never forget when I took you to see Les Mis. After I paid $75 for orchestra seats--I was mortified when you stood up and screamed, "This is some boring-ass shit! No one told me that this was an OPERA! C'mon Jilbur--I wanna go to the Tiki Lounge and have another coupla scorpion bowls!" At first, I was so mad--but you made up for it later when you bought me the lap dance.


Do you remember that time you were creating that interactive mural on the wall of the zoo? You took a hose and sprayed paint on the people walking past, to create a negative image of the crowd on the wall. I loved that. And thank heavens you were quick enough to have them all sign releases after so the painting could stay, with promises of their fame in the experimental art. At least that one lady dropped charges, too, after you painted her new Dior suit. What she was doing walking past a zoo in that thing I will never understand!


These are all incredibly disturbing. What uncomfortably long memories you guys have. I did say MAKE UP memories!

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