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March 30, 2004


Leigh Householder

Good to know ... somehow I missed that one, too ...
Three of my favorites of the moment are:
A meeting whose sole purpose is to discuss why a deadline
was missed or a project failed and who was responsible.
Self-Centered Urban Male.
Someone who looks really attractive from 50 feet away.
Closer examination reveals ...


I don't know *anyone* who pronounces it "meem".


I don't know anyone who pronounces it at all! You are one ahead of me, Kimberly. How's the definition itself?


The definition is right on.

I think the whole "mehm" pronounciation comes from my background in French. That's how we all say it anyway. "Meem" just sounds weird and wrong to me.


Me too. Now that I know what one is, I'll start sharing them!


I can't honestly imagine that I've ever once been the start of a "contagious idea". And I'm positive I've never used the word.

Have I been a meme prude all along and just didn't know it? I like to think I was just innocent and cute and didn't know any better.


I always pronounced it "meem" just because of the "silent e" on the end, but now I have justification I was right. Does it count if you were right by fluke? :)

Pam I think you were sharing them without being aware. All those quizzes are memes. Well actually, the phenomenon of quizzes is the meme, but I guess each quiz itself could be a meme, too. How confusing!


I bet the quizzes are memes if, as Pops on 2hourlunch says, they are not Dreaded Dead Skunk Links(AD2SL), which is what he calls links with no explanation why they're posted. If the blogger explains why the quiz means something to him or her, then readers may compare and contrast what the quiz means to themselves. Usually the answer will be, in the case of these silly diversions, "not much except a laugh at myself, you git". But that's mainly why I am doing this!

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