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March 29, 2004



poor connecticut, our quarter was well-intended (eg, a tree) but such a flop. the tree is just so busy and twiggy, the coin ends up looking like a play money, at best one of your lesser video arcade tokens. the fucking project, all fifty of em, what a missed opportunity. i mean, start from a blank slate, you can do anything you want, anything at all... what about color? texture (little coils of razor wire?) sound, smell, taste for crissakes? like new jersey could have a hard little turd, wb such a hit. calif, i don't know, little chunks of c4, the military-industrial state?


All good ideas, or at least interesting! But you sell CT's quarter short. I like the big tree!

Bob O'Shaughnessy

Hey at least your quarter wasn't vetoed by the mint like Ohio's was. Now, admittedly, we used the quarter as another salvo against upstart North Carolina in the battle to claim the Wright Brothers, but still!

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