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March 26, 2004



My secret chocolate stash, which isn't secret anymore! Waaa!


Now is this a regular digital brush, a brush with oversampling or is it one of those new, hi-rez brushes with SACD or DVD-A?
Does he wake you up in the morning to show you how much more plaque the brush is capable of resolving and how it treats the dental space of each tooth so much better than last year's cutting-edge brush?
Has this horse been flogged enough or is it still breathing?


It's a five-channel stereo surround toothbrush. The subwoofer turns the sinus cavity into a resonance chamber. He says you haven't experienced "The Wall" until you've heard it from inside your own ears.

NOW that horse is dead.

Next I suppose you'll tell me that though you live alone, you often hide stuff from yourself!


Theresa, I read your story about the raided chocolate stash! I think I would have gotten more upset than you did.


Hiding stuff is normal. But sharing toothbrushes? Now that's madness. Perhaps if a certain someone walks in just as HIS toothbrush is helping the dog maintain a friendly bright smile.


1. My Tweezerman tweezers.
2. My special, use-only-to-cut-photos scissors.
3. My nice stationery, which I have seen used as scratch paper, napkin, coaster, and airplane. Cut that shit out.

About the toothbrush... I had one of those sonic thingys, purchased under threat of bodily harm from my dentist, but hubby liked it so much he wanted to play too. So we bought him his own topper so he could just pop mine off and screw his on when he wanted to brush. Well, you can see where this is going. After about 2.3 days, he stopped ever swapping mine out, and I got a little grossed out.

One day, I unscrewed his (or mine, who knew) topper, only to find the most amazing culture of brown, slimy disgustage caked all around the workings. That put me right the fuck off any notion of Sonic Care, and sent me racing back to my beloved analog (heh) toothbrush.

Sure, I've since had gum surgery due to my overagressive use of that kind of toothbrush, but at least I don't have to worry about what is hiding under the cover. *shudders*


Ewwwww. Great story - I think!


Not to troll in this post, but not having to worry about such sharing, or pilferage, is one of the (admittedly few) better perks to being single.

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