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March 25, 2004



We are NOT meeting for peesicles. Good lord, woman.


Holy Cow!! You win -- hands down. God, I don't even feel like playing anymore.


I wonder where my readers are ... and then I make a remark like that. Hee!


Yanno, I'm really terrified to find the oldest item in my fridge, fearing it's from somewhere near 1997, so I haven't participated in this part of the fridge challenge.

And I'm pretty darned sure no one can top your peesicles. Gak!


Heh heh heh. Peesicles! That's funny.

Remember to get ketchup next time you're at the store.


You fridge *is* better than mine! and I didn't do the last two parts either. Maybe today I'll hunt for the oldest item, although I clean out most things once a quarter.


OK, so peesicles are fairly novel. But I know for a fact (based, I hasten to add, solely on reserarch and not personal experience) that your average serial killer has FAR MORE interesting and noteworthy items in their fridges. Some people bring home sports trophies, others bring home...well, never you mind....
So there's a web search for you: fridges of the serial killers. Dare you look in John Wayne Gacy's Tupperware?


oh my god, peesicles...i think i might have peed a little reading that...

you put my pickled plums to shame!

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