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March 26, 2004



"Blessed are the cheesemakers?"

That's my all-time favorite movie. I'll bet you're surprised, eh?


I think if an independent theatre owner really wanted the ultimate balls-to-the-wall triple feature (guaranteed to offend practically everybody) s/he would have to show The Passion, Life of Brian and The Last Temptation of Christ, complete with Andreas Serrano's (in)famous "Piss Christ" posters hanging on the lobby walls and reprints of Madelyn Murray O'Hare atheist tracts distributed free of charge to all comers. Throw in a raffle to win a trip to a local Wicca coven solstice or a Pentacostal Speaking-In-Tongues service and you'd have THE sucessful scandale of your neighborhood! And I'd sure as hell be there!!


The egalitarian triple bill, sure to offend absolutely everybody!


Oh man! Snowball beat me to my favorite line!!

Dang it.

That movie rules!

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