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March 26, 2004



If given a preference, I drink Diet Coke from the fountain, but Diet Pepsi from the bottle (gotta get those iTues songs!). This being said, I have quickly become fond of Diet Coke with Lime.


I always prefer diet Coke to Pepsi, so I guess that makes me a zealot! I haven't tried the fruited diet Cokes yet. I hate cherry Coke. But if you say the lime works, I'll try it.


I used to be a Diet Cokehead, but I read something nasty about Aspartame and stopped drinking it. At least in the massive quantities I used to. Now it is a treat, when I need a caffeine fix. I still love it. But I do feel better physically for cutting the Aspartame out of my diet.


Alicia, what did you read? The article above carries a short segment about the controversies of aspartame - that it breaks down into poisons. Some folks won't touch the stuff, and look for diet sodas with sachrine or cyclamates instead.



I would take everything with a grain of salt, but it was disturbing. Yes, aspartame in soda breaks down to formaldehyde in heat. And those cans of diet coke are sitting in non-refrigerated trucks down here in Texas as they are delivered. There is a bit about the govt. covering up some of the negative repercussions found among pilots. I haven't read this in a year I think, so I will go back and take a look. I just remember it was enough to cut my consumption way back. Alas. Honestly, though, I did tend to lose weight more easily when I started drinking water more than other things. I don't know that that has anything to do with diet drinks and probably has more to do with flushing all that water through my system.


[ arms raised in front, zombie look in eyes ]

Diet Peeeeepppsssiiii!!!! Diet Peeeeppssssiii!!!

Although my favorite is Diet Vanilla Pepsi followed up by Diet Dr. Pepper. That Diet Coke crap tastes nasty to me. I've heard that people who like sweeter drinks prefer the Pepsi over the Coke.

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