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December 08, 2003



I cannot begin to tell you of the psychic agony of being a "sensitive" male child in the 60s (well maybe not sensitive just plain oddball) wanting and not being able to enunciate the X-Mas Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name: the EZ Bake Oven.
Yes, I wanted an EZ BAke Oven cause it just seemed so cool--an oven you could make yummy things to eat in. But nonthing in the work of Carol Gilligan, Germaine Greer or Mary Piper's Unrevived Ophelia Complex can ever equal the pain caused by the knowledge that had I ever breathed such a desire to my loving but erratically straightlaced mother (Pam, back me up on this) the LOOK I would have recieved would have been worse than eternity chained to my older brother (or even 2 hours being chained to my older brother). We'll leave my father out of this because he simply would have walked past me content in the knowledge that his admittedly peculiar son (whom I assumed he loved) simply did not ask him for an EZ Bake Oven.
For years I have railed against the reverse sexist injustice that would brand a simple childhood desire to be branded as...words fail me...Therapists' careers have waxed on the psychic nutrition provided by my out-pourings of EZ-Denied grief.
I still have the scars: resentment against the so-called "opressed" little girl population of the world that they are free not only to watch Bend It Like Beckham but are even freer to own and use EZ Bake's in a free and non-hostile/non-judgemental mother-daughter bonding riutal. Really angry.
Fortunately, I have found a release from my pain and scarring. It's called a microwave and it does things even the most EZ Bake virtuoso cannot achieve. That and Josh Hartnett movies are a balm for the soul!


You're right. I remember your mom - wonderfully diverse interests and a great conversationalist. But her idea of gender roles was set in concrete. She would never have understood your lust for an Easy-Bake. At the most, she might have made you bake a real cake with your siblings, just to get it out of your system. Heh. That'll teach ya.

So, the moment of truth: do we send you an Easy-Bake for Christmas?


No, X-Files Season 8 or JH will do quite nicely (can you get JH to dress up like he did in Black Hawk Down)?
"Set in concrete" may be a little harsh: after all, I was allowed to be in band, act in plays and watch Monty Python dress up as housewives (she once confessed to me that during her 9 month England sojourn in the 80s she would encounter the real-life "pepperpots" on buses and would frequently have to shove a fist in her mouth so as to not burst out laughing at these women because they would sound EXACTLY like Monty Python)! And I malign my father: he would have clearly ackowledged my presence before immediately saying "no" to my request for an EZ Bake Oven, then he would have gone off and asked my mother "what the hell's wrong with him"? But in all fairness, he did take me to see the Nutcracker at the SF Ballet one Christmas. Box Seats to boot. Can't complain too much about that kind of childhood!


My sisters had a Yellow Easy Bake Oven in the 60s. My brother and I had as much fun with the oven as the girls had. We cooked all kinds of food in that thing. I just ordered a yellow one just like it on Ebay. I will show the grandkids what fun we had and I will re-live the Easy Bake Experience. Sam


My son just got one on Saturday. I'm thinking he's not going to be too thrilled about the whole wild mushroom flan idea, but the cake he made with it turned out pretty well!

I had one, too. This will be an interesting little trip down memory lane.


I'm 43 and I've just fulfilled a dream. As of a couple of weeks ago, I am the proud owner of an Easy-Bake Oven; I got it on sale at Sears bargain centre for $7.00 cndn. I have wanted one as long as I can remember and every Christmas, I was always so disappointed that there wasn't one under the tree. I babysit my 4 & 2 year old nephews during the week. Today, I pulled it out of my "tickle trunk" (bedroom closet) and showed it to my 4 year old nephew and informed him that we were going to bake Christmas cookies. His eyes lit up, and our day quickly shot up to a 10 on the excitement scale. (About a month ago, while he and I were flipping through the Sears Wish Book, I spotted one and told him how much I wanted one when I was little and asked if he would like one. Of course his reply was 'no way! that's for girls'.) Earlier in the day, I had searched the web for Easy-Bake Oven recipes and was surprised to find quite a few of them. I chose the recipe Angel Cookies and got to work. I had my mini copper Christmas cookie cutters (which up until this point, had only been used with the playdough I made them --- recipe off the 'net) and sprinkles at the ready much to their delight. The suspense of waiting for the first batch to come out the other end of the oven was palpable. Both boys were more than a little excited when it did and couldn't wait to try them. Three batches later, I put the brakes on them eating anymore as their Dad would soon be here to pick them up and take them home for supper. I sent them home with the last 2 batches (8 cookies). They were so thrilled to be taking home their baking and having them after supper for dessert. Tomorrow for lunch, we're going to try out the pizza recipe I found for Easy-Bake Ovens. The 4 year old is bringing some different sparkles from home for tomorrow's afternoon session of Christmas cookie baking. Thanks for the memories Easy-Bake! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night... :)


Great comment! If Nadene from Sascatchewan had left me her e-mail address, I'd've offered her the free TypePad subscription I've got coming.

katrina laliberty

i love easy bakes because i have always wanted one because i was 7 when i was 10 i didn't get it my whole life but i think i will get one this year because my grandmother janice was my foster mom i didn't know that!!!!!!But know i will get the thing of my dreams!!!I know I wrote to much!!!Well bye!!!!!!!
__ !! __

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