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November 14, 2003



Have you let your neighbors know the cat is visiting other houses? You might try putting tin foil down on the outside of the pet door. I don't know about dogs, but I know cats aren't supposed to like walking on it. Of course, I haven't tested that either. Good luck.


Here's the helpful advice my neighbors gave when I told them their cat visits my kitchen. "Ohhh. You shouldn't let him into your house." No sense of personal responsibility. Cretins.


I have a similar problem. My neighbor's immensely fat cat ocassionally comes up to my door and rubs itself against me and gives me that "I'm so hungry please feed me I'm a starving kitty" whine that would make Mother Theresa reach for the shotgun if it were at hand (and certainly pisses me off as well). I mean 1) this cat is so fat that it could be a stunt double for the Hindenberg; 2) it's so porky that if they make a "Babe III" it's sure to get a callback; and 3) I always yell at it "go away you freakin overweight parasite" real loud no matter how early/late it is. Needless to say, given that the cat's weight is exponentially larger than it's IQ, it merely continues to rub and whine, oblivious to the fact that I loathe it unreservedly.
Cats. God's first, biggest and most noxious mistake ever. And that includes Pauley Shore and Jessica Simpson!


I'm going to try the foil trick, above. You should try wrapping your pant legs with foil. Report back.

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