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October 28, 2003



Hey, you made it into blogworld, fantastic! Have fun and try not to let it take over your life. And don't be the tiniest bit terrified that everything you say here will be archived permanently till the end of time. ;)


If there had been the Internet the grandparents could have had a blog on their alternative lifestyle. Pretty soon the trend would take off and become a meme. They could bring in money from a web-cam watching them sleep and eat, and selling whatever it was that got Grampa Joe dancing after twenty years in bed. And I would have bought one of those red scarves, if they had made them.

Man, I think it is time to get some sleep!


Exactly right! Those grandparents could have become a tour de force on the Internet. Charlie's mother would have sold the rights to her depressing life's story to Simon and Schuster. Working title: "Four Stones About The Neck: The Life of a Co-Dependent".

On a related note, this post has started to draw unwholesome attention from those floppy wee-wee spammers, due to my unfortunate choice of including the V-word. But I won't be harassed into deleting the word (I don't think). I hereby close comments on this post.

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