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October 30, 2003



I left a job partly because of drama, so I know the pull of that particular 'pro.' But, the bigger reason I left was because the job wasn't taking me in the right career direction. So, that's the biggest question I would ask myself if making a decision.


Gee, that's so reasonable. I forget what reasonable looks like sometimes. It's really difficult right now to leave the agency and start anew. A physical location change may have to wait. But I've got my eye out!


Sounds like you are patient about it, which is good. I guess what I was saying is don't quit your job completely, but within CB and FB, go with the one where you are most able to build a bridge to higher ground. It's all about building bridges, man. (That's advice that I got from a president of an organization.)

Anyway, who needs advice? It's Saturday and gonna be 75 degrees in November...off to beat the corn maze!



Going back to FB would definitely be an opportunity-builder, in more ways than one. Good thought, Kristen.

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