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October 29, 2003



Courtney Love reminds me of Xena, Warrior Princess. Now I have to defend that statement. Let's see:
Xena: Fights the gods and sometimes wins.
Courtney: Married to ailing, cult-figure rocker treated like a god in his brief lifetime by critics who didn't know any better.
Xena: Traveled to Hades to save her ex-semiboyfriend and Hades itself from a usurping poseur.
Courtney: Got drunk on a flight to England in a shamelessly exhibitionist way that Edina and Patsy would decry as vulgar.
Xena: Travels around with her bosom companion Gabrielle but still likes boys enough not to kill Joxer or Autolycus no matter how annoying they get.
Courtney: Might be bisexual. Difficult to say as she has the sex appeal of a melted Pearl Jam CD.
Xena: Is a major babe.
Courtney: Is a major infant.

This is so easy. I should have my own blog!


You can't take that one all too far. Let's try another comparison:
Courtney Love and Q!
Both claim to have an external locus of control.
Both think they're all-powerful but are really brats.
Both wear too much make-up.


Courtney and Q: I'll bite!
Courtney: Has suspiciously blonde (sort of) hair.
Q: Has suspiciously thinning hair for immortal superbeing.
Courtney: Has a band called Hole that no-one seems to like.
Q: Could make Hole popular with a snap of his fingers but won't because even the Continuum has a sense of decency and/or taste!
Courtney: Is the future Lwaxana Troi of rock.
Q: Dated Lwaxana Troi but it ended badly when she kicked his ass (see "Q in Law").
Courtney: Acts as though she's God.
Q: Acts as though he's God when slumming.
Courtney: Lives in a parallel universe where she is both beautiful and talented and fun to be with.
Q: Can be beautiful and talented and fun to be with but doesn't because then Picard might approve of him.
Courtney: Lives in mortal fear of exile from the Grunge Continuum.
Q: Lives in immortal fear of waking up in Seattle in Courtney's bed.

So Pam: how about Courtney and Marilyn Monroe?


I can’t think of any! You give me the difficult ones. How about ...

Courtney and Godzilla
Godzilla: once laid waste to Tokyo
Courtney: once got wasted in Little Tokyo

Godzilla: makes holes in cities
Courtney: tours cities with Hole

Godzilla: a terror to airplanes
Courtney: a terror on airplanes

Godzilla: sung about by Blue Oyster Cult
Courtney: sings and has a cult following (OK that was weak)


OMG, I haven't laughed so long in all of my life


OMG--were we ever that young and carefree? I don't even remember any of this stuff but I do say it is kind of clever in a snotty brat kind of way.

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