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May 06, 2008



You realize, of course, that the Pixar office is all, entirely digital. As are the employees...
Google "swiss banks + the holocaust" and see if the results are as attractive...
Cubicles are depressing enough; a humongous concrete table with NO PRIVACY WHATSOEVER sounds like a very stylish recipe for Going Postal as lethal non-metaphor!
Dilbert is Dilbert no matter how expensive the window-dressing.


At first the office decor inspired me. Then I read the comment - now I'm ready to slit my wrists, extra deeply.


That's Anthony's Special Gift to this blog!


If the public got wind of state workers having this kind of workspace they would have a lynching party.


My gift is NOT Special: it rides the regular bus along with all the other snotty adoclescent gifts!


It's a Special Gift all right, but it takes extension classes with all the normal gifts.

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