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November 20, 2006



Child Care Centers To Avoid:

Bob Jones University Day Care: "Because It's Never Too Early To Prevent Inter-Racial Sandbox Play"

Charles Manson Day Care: "I Am Jesus Christ, I Am The Devil, I Am Milk And Cookies"

Marquise De Sade Day Care: "Where 'Crack The Whip' Is Much More Than A Recess Activity"

Mark Foley Day Care: "Cause I'm Not Going There; And If You're A Smart Parent, Neither Will You"

Alesteir Crowley Day Care: "Where 'Terrible Twos' Are Welcome If Accompanied By A '666'"


Isn't there a textile mill or coal mine up your way where your child might find gainful employment during the school holiday?


In our area, the local YMCA has afterschool programs that expand to full day care on school holidays and there are always spots available. If you can't find something in your town, bring your kids to Olympia every day.

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