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January 26, 2006



Wait til you taste the cherry pie!
But watch out for the dancing midget in the Red Room and all mynah birds!!



That's the bigger one, right? (I don't know, I shop at a place that sells "Corporate Coffee Sucks" t-shirts)


The guy was actually over 30? The crystal in his hand, implanted by Borgbucks, wasn't blinking?

Everytime I make an emergency java run to the Borgbucks on Sunrise@White Rock, I always feel as though I'm walking into a girls HS locker room interrupting the fun of the Latte staff. This is in the evening.

I almost a did an improvised cheer in there once, but was warned that I might be recorded and it could affect my future.


Ya know, pam.. it's posts like this that keep me coming back to read more...

Next time, grab me one of them cups... I'll take a grande.


Scupper: It's not Borgbucks (a name I am absconding with, BTW), but a nice couple with a small Java City franchise. Which is one degree from independent.

Debra: You got it. And a biscotti on the side!


Yes, Borgbucks is awesome. Let's try to promulgate it to the point that it becomes the Word of 2006.


Did someone mention biscotti? Yes please! Once I stop laughing.


I will definitely be saying "Borgbucks." Heeheehee.

We have Dazbog here. Google them. They're fun.


Barista is the right word, not baristo.. the strange things is that we in italy often we call him barman..

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